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Why pay €90-120 when you will get HCG Excite for €79.99 in the United Kingdom?


HCG Excite has a remarkable customer success rate. Countless amounts of customers have lost weight, but more to the point, kept it down! This system is just incredible.


HCG Excite exists as a 100% normal, perfectly safe HCG hormone. Also, do not believe that since it is an over-the-counter "drug", it's not successful. The ONLY method to get stronger HCG is through doctor-prescribed injections


HCG Excite is a one time out-of-pocket cost for as little as 79.99, with depending on the option you select
"Even Jersey Shore stars like Snooky and J-Wow are touting it's beneftis... Yes, it works, and people should do it..."
"People are losing weight like crazy..."
"People say the weight just melts off."
"Now the number of diet in America, with more searches on Google than the South Beach, Atkins, and Acai diets combined"
"been on the diet a week, already lost 8 pounds already and I'm feeling great about myself. I always have been insecure cause of my weight so I decided to try hcg cause all the other ones don't work. I really like how its working and I'm gonna keep doing it until I'm where I wanna be"
St. Paul, MN
The days when HCG could only be administered by a health care professional are over! Ouch... Injections are extremely expensive compared to the drops! Simply put the HCG Excite drops under your tongue, and that's it! See the difference below in our chart
Shots vs Drops
Cost Per
€79.99 €599.00
Pain NONE NONE Taste NONE NONE Dosage 10 Drops
a Day
1 Injection
Performance Steady Steady Dosage 10 Drops
a Day
1 Injection


When are you going to ship my order?
We ship all orders recieved before 3:00 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST) within twelve (12) hours from the time of purchase.

Just how long should I be expecting my order to show up?
We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. It is possible to expect to receive your offer within 2-3 days, unless you live in a very rural area, then a few more days is probably expected.

What's different concerning the treatments versus the drops?
HCG shots need a prescription from the doctor. Shots are extremely expensive and can't be bought with no prescription. Natural drops and pellets really are only a portion of the cost of injected HCG. Drops and pellets are placed underneath the tongue 3 times a day. That you do not have to refrigerate HCG Excite drops, so feel feel safe in taking them with you wherever your day leads. Do hold them in a cool dark place, though.
Am I likely to be hungry on the HCG diet?
HCG functions on the hypothalamus by signaling the human body to release fat stores in to the system in order to be burned down. As a result, tens of thousands of calories could be burned every day with no exercise. People often do not have food cravings because their human body is using fat stores for power, but slight hunger is typical.

Is it safe to consume only 500 calories a day?
Without HCG? No. If you didn't take HCG and only consumed 500 calories, then your human body could enter starvation mode and your weight reduction would come to a stop. Using HCG in line with the low fat diet helps your human body to suppress the appetite. Bear in mind that the diet is just for a couple weeks, so stay motivated and do not let hunger prevent you from succeeding.

Where do you produce your HCG?
Our FDA-Approved and controlled laboratory manufactures and bottles all our products and services within the USA of America.
Hi i'm 22 and I was worried about this diet cause I didn't know if it was gonna work, so I tried it and I lost 17 POUNDS on my FIRST TRY!!!!!!! I recommend to anyone cause it really helped me!


Houston, TX




Hey what's up everyone! I wanted to stop and let everyone know that this diet DOES WORK!!! All the media tries to make you believe that it doesn't work, it's not safe, blah blah blah. Don't listen! If you want to lose weight, then do this diet! I've never had success like I had on the HCG diet. I lost over 30 pounds on this diet and I'm living proof that it can be done and it actually works!!!


Los Angeles, CA


HCG Diet for Long-Term Weight Loss

It is an undeniable fact that losing weight is an incredibly difficult task to handle. So many factors have an important role in weight loss and if one of these factors is off, you may not lose weight. Even if you do lose weight, that’s only half the task. You have to keep that weight off, which can be even more difficult than losing it in the first place.

HCG DietIt doesn’t help that there are hundreds of diet programs that all promise fast weight loss. It can be hard to find a diet program that will work for you. However, there is a new diet program with a success rate over 90% that can help anybody lose weight incredibly fast. Better yet, you can lose weight and keep it off.

This new diet is called the HCG diet and its’ incredibly effective for users who follow its strict guidelines. The HCG diet UK combines a strict diet plan along with Human Chorionic Gondaotropin (HCG) supplementation. While it does put tough restrictions on the body, it is the most effective diet for long-term weight loss.

Why use the HCG diet?

It’s a known fact that the obesity rate in the United Kingdom is at its’ highest point ever (23.2%) – and it continues to rise. With the integration of fast food restaurants and more processed foods, more people are turning to these cheap meals instead of following a healthy diet. This, plus a lack of exercise has caused obesity levels to skyrocket to new record levels over the last decade.

Now, you may be wondering, why should I use the HCG diet? Why can’t I just diet and exercise? Well, let’s look at medical research surrounding obesity:

It’s a known fact that obesity is directly related to high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Both of these contribute to an increase in heart disease, which can cause serious health problems and can even be fatal.

However, what new studies indicate is that obesity dramatically shortens the life span of a person. Not only does obesity shorten life span, but the longer someone stays obese, the more likely they are for health problems down the road, regardless if they lose weight.

Therefore, it is vital that overweight Brits lose weight as fast as possible. The HCG diet can provide rapid weight loss, but ensure that you keep off the weight you lose as well. This is the main reason that the HCG is better than all of the other weight loss programs.

HCG Weight Loss

To lose weight with the HCG diet, you have to follow a strict diet plan and use HCG supplements. The diet plan is split up into three phases: the loading phase, maintenance phase, and stabilization phase.

The loading phase is a two-day phase in which a person can eat whatever they want up to 2,000 calories. The goal here is to prepare the body for the maintenance phase and get the body’s metabolism to start moving.

The maintenance phase is the longest phase and is also the most difficult phase. Caloric intake is cut from 2,000 calories per day to only 500 calories per day. Users of the HCG diet have the best weight loss results by consuming about 250 calories from vegetables, 125 calories from lean protein sources, and another 125 calories from fruit. This phase normally lasts 21 days, although it can be extended to 40 days if the user desires to do so.

The stabilization phase helps the body transition from a low calorie diet to more normal levels. Caloric intake can be increased to 1,000 calories per day immediately and after a week or so, this number can be increased again to 1,500 calories to maintain a healthy weight.

During this entire process, your body will start burning fat away at an incredibly fast rate. Users of the HCG diet have reported weight loss of one to two pounds per day. Obviously there are other factors that affect the rate of weight loss, but an overwhelming number of people that will lose on average, one pound per day.

HCG Diet Drops vs. HCG Injections

HCG Drops UKThroughout the diet, HCG should be taken as a supplement. You can either get HCG through diet drops or via injection. Both can provide you with dramatic weight loss, but there are many differences in the two. Below is a sample comparison:

Price – Diet drops are much cheaper alternatives to HCG injections and are just as effective. Diet drops generally cost $30-50 per bottle (a month’s supply) whereas a months’ worth of injections can cost a few hundred dollars.

Side Effects- HCG diet drops do not possess side effects but HCG injections do. Users of HCG injections can experience injection-site reactions (skin irritations), bloating, headaches, difficulty breathing, and extreme fatigue.

Safety – Diet drops and HCG injections are safe in the sense that they do not directly cause serious health problems. However, if a needle is not sterilized, some diseases including sexual transmitted diseases can be transferred to the user. Therefore, diet drops are a much safer alternative to HCG injections.

Effectiveness – Both HCG diet drops and injections provide fast weight loss as well as a long list of other health benefits. Both are absorbed by the body very quickly and can provide immediate results.

Availability – HCG diet drops can be purchased by anybody, either online or at health stores. HCG injections are only available to people with a prescription, which makes them a lot more difficult to get.

Based on all of the information mentioned above, it is clear that HCG diet drops are the better option for people to use. HCG drops are easier to get, cheaper, safe, do not cause side effects, and are just as effective HCG injections. Therefore, we recommend you use HCG diet drops when you decide to go on the HCG diet.

Other Benefits of the HCG Diet

While the HCG diet UK can provide amazing weight loss results, it is not all that it can do for you. There are a number of other health benefits that users have reported as a result of going on the HCG diet. Some of the most common benefits of the HCG diet include:

Improved Digestion: The combination of HCG and a healthy diet cleans out your digestive system of toxins and waste material that is slowing and clogging your digestive tract. This allows your body to digest food much easier and quicker then before.

Increased Energy Levels:  A poor diet slows down our body’s internal functions and often causes us to be tired the middle of the day. HCG increases energy levels in the body throughout the entire day, so you can function much more efficiently.

Increased Sex Drive: HCG balances hormone levels in the body, including sex hormones. HCG also promotes sex hormone production, increasing male and female libido.

HCG Diet UK BenefitsLower Cholesterol/Blood Pressure Levels: As mentioned before, obesity is directly linked to high cholesterol and blood pressure. As you lose weight, you will notice the steady decrease of cholesterol and blood pressure levels back to normal, healthier levels.

Decrease in Joint Inflammation/Pain: HCG improves blood flow to the bones and joints, which improves overall bone/joint health. This decreases joint pain and helps reduce joint inflammation.

No Loss in Muscle Mass: The problem with many diet programs is that a lot of the weight lost is from muscles. You don’t want to lose muscle – you want to lose fat. The HCG diet protects your muscles so that the weight you lose is purely from fat. No other diet can promise this.

Celebrity Use of the HCG Diet

The amazing weight loss results of the HCG diet attract people from around the world, including celebrities.  Britney Spears is among one the many celebrities who have turned to the HCG diet to lose weight quickly. Spears used the diet to lose 25 pounds to get back her slim, sexy look that she had for so many years.

HCG Diet UK Snooki Success StoryTwo reality stars from MTV’s hit series Jersey Shore also have used the HCG diet to lose weight rapidly. Snooki has admitted to going on the HCG for three months and as a result, lost 80 pounds and dropped 4 dress sizes. JWOW also used the HCG diet to lose 20 pounds in a month and to lose three inches in her waist. Both Snooki and JWOW have vouched their support for the HCG diet and have recommended their fans use it to lose weight quickly.

The most dramatic weight loss story comes from Mark Donnelly from Canada. Donnelly, the Vancouver Canucks national anthem realized he needed to lose weight – and needed to lose it fast. After failing at many other diets, he decided to try the HCG diet. Six months later, Donnelly lost 172 pounds to bring him within 12 pounds of his goal.

HCG Diet UK TestimonialIn total, Donnelly lost a little more then 40% of his original weight and all of the weight lost was fat. Donnelly says that he “feels a lot better about himself and is not embarrassed anymore about his weight.”


The HCG drops UK is the hands down the best diet to lose weight quickly and keep that weight off. No other diet can provide you the fast weight loss results you want, without harming the body and causing you to lose muscle mass.

If you are one of the millions of obese adults in the UK, then listen up. The HCG diet can help you. You have the ability to slim down and reach a healthy weight. HCG diet drops are readily available and will blast away fat faster than you ever imagined. Your weight loss journey starts by you ordering HCG diet drops so you can start the HCG diet. Don’t hesitate any longer – order now!

How Does The UK HCG Diet Drops Work Posted: 06 / 28 / 2012

Obesity does not spare rich or poor, men or women, children and even adolescents. It has become a major concern for one third of the world population to combat with obesity and related health issues. It is difficult to avoid eating snacks and fast foods if that is your most favorite item in the world. Most of us are tuned to eat at roadside eateries and fast food chain of restaurants instead of eating healthy foods at home. Physical exercise has become long distant goal for many people due to hectic work schedule. The irony in this entire episode is that people who eat fast foods know pretty well that they contain high fats and preservatives which are dangerous to health but cannot avoid the temptation. Even people who are working on great diet plans cannot overcome the challenges when they attend family parties or get together in the office functions and they end up stocking fatty masses in one single day. If you want to know does HCG work UK for curing this problem to get rid of excess of fat, continue to read on? Using HCG drops for stimulating the release of hormone is the only choice for people who want to lose weight fast. This is the only method which is very effective in reducing the weight without many side effects. There is solid proof that several customers speak their experience that after stopping the usage of drop they are able to sustain the same weight. It is possible for you to have slim figure and men will have sculpted body with toned muscle if you have completed the 30 day diet plan successfully. It is really possible to lose weight that fast? It does not make any sense for the new customer to hear about this product which sounds so real and effective. If you still have the doubt does HCG work UK the only option left is trying the product all by your own. You will not lose anything in giving a trial since if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you will get back the money invested fully from the dealer. The entire hype of HCG products began when Dr. Simeons tested this hormone and discovered that during pregnancy this hormone converts the fatty mass of the body into energy source by providing nourishment to the developing fetus. Fat is always stored in … Continue reading

Things You Can Conclude From The HCG Diet Info Posted: 06 / 28 / 2012

What is all about HCG diet and why people are talking much about it? HCG is the natural hormone secreted in our body which stimulates the body to convert the stored up fat to energy thus depleting the fatty particles from the body. HCG can be had in two forms namely drops and injections and when it was introduced people were taking only injection for losing weight. Irrespective of the product you have chosen, you should stay on complete diet plan of maintaining 500 calories a day. If you would research on HCG diet info UK, you will understand that how it acts on the body to reduce the weight. HCG diet plan will work to give great outcomes only if you are using the drops in the right time and method. You have to follow the very low calorie diet and should not take more than specified food items for the entire plan period. HCG diet has 3 stages namely loading phase, burning phase and maintenance phase. The initial stage of loading phase exist for 2 days and in that time you will eat any number of fatty foods and high carbohydrate diet. The actual meaning of loading phase is you are loading or accumulating tons of fatty particles on the body. In the next phase of burning stage, which exists for 15-20 days you will be put on 500 calorie diet plan apart from taking this drop. Here you have to strictly adhere to the plan of taking only restricted quantity of food. Initially you will have pang of hunger drive and you may feel tired and restless. But it will all settle down in 2 or 3 days and you have to maintain the same diet plan for at least 15 days. You should take only specified foodstuffs mentioned in the guideline booklet or the HCG diet info UK given in the website. During the final maintenance phase, you can increase the diet intake and eat anything you wish. But you will continue taking drops and this will be up to 3 weeks for maximum. During this phase, you can normal food excepting sugar in any form. Now let us see how each phase works on the body and create visible changes of weight loss. In the loading phase, the body will start adapting to the intake of HCG drops and start developing the internal process. Very … Continue reading

What Are The Two Major Side Effects Of UK HCG Drops Plan? Posted: 06 / 26 / 2012

Any good product which brings positive results will always be criticized by one group of people of having side effects. HCG diet UK plan is not free from criticism from several people. But if you want to know the exact value of the product, the right method is to test the product. You cannot decide and judge the value of HCG without using it. HCG dangers can be avoided only if you can successfully cross the temptation of eating more during the burning phase of the diet plan. Though the technique of using HCG hormone to burn fatty tissues in the body was discovered 60 years ago, it has been proven a great profitable method for losing weight by repeated experiments. During the course of initial days of burning phase, the dieters will not be given more to eat. The maximum intake of calorie level would be no more than 500 calories per day. It is true that the dieters will have to resist the meal craving and temptation of eating more. It is very vital for maintaining the strict diet plan in this process failing which it may not work well on your system bringing the desired weight loss. Taking HCG diet plan is very important and it is very much necessary for the dieter to take HCG drops thrice daily in order to get the best outcome. It is not possible to expect the best result in short period through any other dieting plan. It has to be admitted that there exists some risk and health hazard related to health condition in particularly the digestive system. The entire body may get weaken and you may have intense craving for food during the first few days. This attitude will be very strong and will gradually subside during the course of the week, due to the intake of HCG drops along with HCG diet UK plan. The dieters should understand the full depth of the project and weight loss impact so that they will be ready to face any challenges during the trial phase. The loading phase will pass on easily and the dieter will not have any problem since he will be asked to take normal food. The real challenges sets in during the burning phase in which there are two main side effects namely food cravings and hunger. Basically these two side effects are entirely due to restricted … Continue reading

5 Easy Tips To Maintain Weight Loss From The UK HCG Diet Plan Posted: 06 / 24 / 2012

In case you are new to the HCG diet plan, it may not be easy for you to follow the severe low calorie diet initially. Your craving for food will increase considerably and you will think several times of dropping the diet plan. However, in case you want to continue the HCG weight loss UK plan for achieving the target weight, there are some simple tips to shed extra pounds per day. The main issue with this diet plan is intake of very low calorie diet of 500 calories per day. This may produce some unwanted chemical imbalance in the body and hence you can avoid complications by taking one multivitamin pellet each day. This pill is supplied free of cost if you prefer to take 60 day plan. Even otherwise the price of vitamin tablets is very less and you can obtain over the counter to supplement the loss in daily meal plan. It is very much necessary for you to maintain the hydration content of the body and hence drink plenty of water and black tea to prevent dehydration. Some people, in particular diabetic patients cannot tolerate hunger drive for long time and they may lose conscious or feel empty. To avoid this situation it is better to carry one apple or orange in your pocket wherever you go. In case of uneasiness you can have a bite of apple to restore nutrients in the body. This is yet another essential tip of HCG weight loss UK diet plan. Going for gym or doing exercises may not be possible if you are in low calorie diet. But this can be continued during the maintenance phase and it becomes easy to shed more pounds if you do regular workouts or go for long walk. Practice yoga and meditation to keep you relaxed. You can also indulge in any other interesting activity so that you are forgetting the hunger drive. If your thoughts are focused it also increases the body metabolism and helps in burning more fatty tissues from the body. By doing light aerobic exercises you will go to sleep since the blood circulation will be high. It also helps to keep you active in case you are taking leave from office. Do not get tensed or fall into emotion when you are in the diet plan. Some people would start eating lots of food when they get stressed … Continue reading

Information Uou Should Know Before Buying HCG Pills UK Posted: 06 / 22 / 2012

Initially when Dr. Simeons started HCG protocol on his subjects for testing weight loss, he used only injection, because during that period pills or drops was not invented. This happened some 50 years back and the hormone was very effective to shed extra pounds and brought down the rate of obesity for the dieters. Now due to advanced technology, people prefer to take HCG drops or HCG pills UK in the place of hard injection shots. All of them act on the body producing the same weight loss and hence there is no difference in the outcome whatever product you are going to use. It is wise to compare the effects of HCG drops with that of injection before you choose any product. Similarly there are number of value added drops available in the market and it is difficult to choose the best drop of HCG that is sold online. You have several choices like HCG Ultra, HCG OZ and liquid HCG and much more. Each of them is more or less same in pricing and same in effect. Still people prefer to buy only certain brands and not any other form of HCG pills UK sold in shops. The main reason for this is due to piracy. One cannot differentiate the original pills from that of fake ones and hence it is not wise to buy pills from the market without getting proper prescription. But how does the drop or pill function to burn unwanted fats from your body? It enters the body in the form of hormone and stimulates the body metabolism which triggers the breakup of abnormal fats from the body. This will be converted into energy source which is inevitably needed for performing body’s function and to restore balance during weight loss. Basically the pill or the drop will be taken in the same way and the functions are also exactly the same. The company gives you the choice of choosing the pill or drop since some dieter will feel eating pellets easier than using drops and vice versa. However HCG pills UK is not that much popular like that of HCG drops and hence more and more people are opting to purchase drops instead of pills. The benefits you derive from taking pill are varied. Irrespective of whatever HCG product you use for weight loss, you should follow the very low calorie diet plan for … Continue reading

How can you decide that HCG weight loss drops UK is good? Posted: 06 / 20 / 2012

Many people who would start the diet plan on the New Year day will end up gaining double weight very shortly. It is difficult to follow diet plan that will cause weight loss by losing extra fats from your body. If you could research on the internet, you will come to understand that global market is flooded with numerous drugs, weight loss pills, and antibiotics promising easy weight loss. But most of them are giving bonus side effects apart from weight loss and several products compels you to use the same brand till your lifetime so that you can stay on right weight. However HCG weight loss drops UK is something different and reduces the obesity like a magic. Today obesity is the major concern in the world population and people are changing over to HCG products along with diet plan for losing excess fat. The main reason for so many people to prefer HCG drops is it brings weight loss very fast almost each day you can see the loss of weight. This product is easy and safe to use and that too without any side effects. Many other products which make fake promises will ask you to follow the same diet plan for months together, whereas with HCG things are not the same. It is enough if you take 30 day plan if you want to shed some pounds and you can sustain the same weight after you have stopped using it. It gives you a new possibility to explore life with new vigor and confidence and hence HCG weight loss drops UK is the right solution for obese people. During the plan period, you need not have to do intense workouts and exercises. It is enough if you take drops 3 times a day along with being in very low calorie diet. What happens if you are not using the drops and follow the 500 calorie diet plan alone? The answer is simple and straightforward. You may lose your weight for sure but the outcome may not be fast and as expected. You may not be able to control the hunger drive and end up in eating lots of foods adding more weight. But once you start using HCG drops, it directly enters the blood and releases the hormone which induces the body mechanism for further processes in the body. The fat tissues stored in the body … Continue reading

In what ways HCG drops diet UK is superior to other products? Posted: 06 / 17 / 2012

HCG drops diet UK is a popular diet plan combined with the intake of HCG hormone daily for reducing weight. Unlike other products which make fake promises of weight loss HCG drops is highly effective in shedding pounds. It works on the basic principle of burning of fats from the body. It has been highlighted for many reasons and you can read the reviews of millions of customers who have successfully lost weight on taking this product. HCH drops and injections act as appetite suppressant. When you are injecting the shot into the bloodstream, it immediately mixes with blood and sends signals to the brain to arrest the hunger drive. You will not feel like eating anymore since you are in the restricted diet plan. It is impossible to control the hunger without the cooperation of internal organs. In this way, HCG drops acts on your body thus suppressing the appetite and contributes to weight loss. The products from this group induce the secretion of natural hormone that is not found in other weight loss products. Once the person takes up HCG shots or drops it directly sends signal to the hypothalamus of the brain to secrete the natural hormone HCG which gives direction to burn excess of fat. HCG drops diet UK is very effective in reducing weight and maintaining balance. Both the drops and injections are highly effective in burning the excess fat but people prefer to take drops in the place of injection for having less discomfort. HCG products are available in three easy plans. It is the choice of the customer to select the right plan from the three options. For those who are less obese taking 15 day plan is beneficial to reduce weight. It is also suitable for persons who want to make a trial of HCG drops diet UK. When you are excess weight and cannot manage normal day to day function due to obesity choosing the 60 day plan is the perfect choice for you. You have to be on the very low calorie diet for minimum 60 days so that the body metabolism burns the entire fat from the system, thus trimming down your body. When you are average obese or confused to take up 60 day plan then it is better to choose 30 day plan. Each plan has the same drop or injection and is totally effective. HCG drops … Continue reading

Find out what are the items that can be included in the HCG food list UK Posted: 06 / 13 / 2012

Sticking on the diet plan is very much necessary to reduce weight. This applies to any type of weight loss product and regimen. With regard to HCG you have to be on controlled diet while you are in the second phase of burning fat. During this period you can take up to 500 calories a day and hence for this reason this project is called as 500 calorie diet plan. In case you are confused about choosing the right food that comes under this label, you are in the right place. This article will guide you in selecting various foodstuffs which comes well within the calorie limit specified under the HCG diet plan. You can find below the entire HCG food list UK so that you can prepare a daily chart when you are in the low calorie diet plan. It will maximize the outcome of weight loss, if you can rightly follow the 500 calorie diet plan. After all, you are spending dollars for buying this product with the sole purpose of reducing weight. There is no meaning if you are going to violate the norms of low calorie diet which will not help you in any way to achieve the desired weight loss. You have to be mentally prepared to adhere to the strict diet schedule when you have started using HCG drops or injections. For breakfast, you can have coffee or tea or any other drink you want. But you are not allowed to take sugar. And there is restriction in the milk content too. You can take one tablespoon of milk. Do not forget to take HCG drops and you have to keep it under the tongue for few seconds and it will automatically mix with the blood. There are many items included in the HCG food list UK for lunch and dinner and you can select any one of your choice. Chicken breast, beef, crab, lobster and shrimp are the varieties included in the diet plan for weight loss. Remember you are allowed to take only 100 grams of the item specified under lunch category and you cannot select more than one food. It is necessary that you should remove all the fat content before cooking. It is better to grill it in microwave oven to avoid ghee and oil in cooking. You can change the HCG food list UK for each day of the … Continue reading

Common mistakes committed while taking the HCG diet UK Posted: 05 / 25 / 2012

You should first know the right information about the working module of HCG products before using it. Any diet menu is prepared to suit the nutritional value and calorific contents of the user. By selecting the HCG diet UK menu you can be rest assured that you have chosen the right plan for staying healthy and losing weight. It is very much necessary for you to stay within the specific calorie limit of 500 each day, failing which you cannot get the positive outcome as expected. For getting the maximum weight losses you need to follow very low calorie diet and do not exceed the meal plan by any means. Most of the plan and package will guide you through the meal menu by giving free samples of protocol. However some people are not reaching the desired weight loss since they do not adhere to the 500 calorie diet. We don’t have the habit of measuring what we eat and consume any item without knowing the exact calorie content in it. To avoid this situation, you should know the serving size of the food you are eating for lunch and dinner. As described in the chart of the HCG diet UK plan you should take only one serving of green vegetables and fruits along with fresh shrimp or fish of your choice and nothing more than that. If you want to lose weight fast, start measuring what you eat daily. You should know about the right calorie value of one serving of particular food item. Space out the meal plan in frequent intervals. It is not that you have to take all the 500 calories in one serving of the day. You can divide them into several parts and take small servings of food for every hour or two. For instance after finishing your breakfast, you may feel hungry before lunch. In that time, you can take half an apple or half an orange or some green salads which keeps you full. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and hence you will not feel hungry for at least 2 hours after taking that. Some women feel that it is better to skip the breakfast or lunch and have the full meals during dinner. It is wrong method of diet plan. You should never skip any meal time and have something to eat to keep the stomach full. Otherwise you … Continue reading

Sources from which details of HCG diet foods UK can be obtained Posted: 05 / 15 / 2012

HCG diet plan is the most popular weight loss program followed by thousands of people in America and Canada. It was started by Dr. Simeons who found that injecting the hormone of HCG on the body will make the body to burn excess of fat and lose weight. It was tested on several subjects and the results obtained were positive. Earlier taking shots of HCG were the only method for losing weight. Now for making things easy, you can buy HCG drops or pills and use them along with HCG diet foods UK for getting the best weight loss. Irrespective of the plan you are chose, each one of them is effective in producing the desired weight loss. But you cannot imagine the position when you are allowed to take only 500 calories a day when you are using HCG drops. It becomes almost impossible for anyone to stay within the diet limit of 500 calories for the entire day for the sake of losing weight. You will get confused about what should you eat and what you should not. There are several methods by which you can get information about the various types of HCG diet foods UK. Let us see about different sources which help you in planning the diet protocol for the 15 day plan or 30 day plan. Website: You can obtain the list of HCG diet foods UK from plenty of website that promotes HCG products. It is easy to download information from the web and most of the websites give a detailed list of food items that can be used. It also describes the number of calories of each foodstuff and about the number of servings you should use for the entire day. Anybody can access the internet to get useful information about the list of foods to be taken during the diet plan. You will be asked to stay on 500 calorie diet and it will be boring to eat the same food daily. Hence for changing the foodstuff you can easily prepare a chart by copying the list from the website. Nutritionist: Your doctor or nutritionist is the best source to prepare a healthy chart for you when you are in the diet plan. It is wise to consult your doctor who knows your health condition and related diseases. Hence pay a visit to your nutritionist who will prepare a daily chart … Continue reading

Side effects of HCG diet injections UK Posted: 05 / 07 / 2012

You cannot overlook the HCG injection just because many people are avoiding it to follow the new method of HCG drops or pellets. It is necessary for obese people to follow healthy diet along with exercise routine to attain the target weight loss within short time. HCG injection was promoted in many countries some decades back and it was the only source of losing weight fast for many people. It is possible for you to send the HCG hormone directly into the bloodstream through shots and it allows the metabolic process to activate and burn the fatty cells. It converts fat reserves of the body into fuel and supplies energy for the body and increases metabolic rate. Before you use any of the methods from HCG to lose weight, it is wise to consult your doctor and follow his advice. HCG diet injections UK are still popular in some countries and people believe that unlike drops or pills, injections provide fast weight loss and highly effective. Any men or women can take HCG injection if they are obese. Obesity is a health condition caused by several factors like hereditary, wrong eating habits, stress and less physical activity. Sometimes hormonal imbalance is the main reason for putting excess of weight. This medical condition should be treated well in advance failing which it may cause serious disorders like heart attack, stroke and diabetes. For taking HCG diet injections UK you have to first clean the place on the skin where you are planning to puncture. Using alcohol, you can gently rub the point and remove the excess of dirt with cotton swab and gently hold the skin and pierce the needle into the skin. You have to hold it for a while for the HCG to pass through the skin. To be frank, you have to approach the medical consultant for taking daily injection. Administering HCG diet injections UK all by your own can cause any complication of sending air inside the skin. It is safe to use HCG drops or pills in the place of injection since you can put it easily under the tongue and swallow it. In case you are puncturing the wrong vein or fat tissue it can bring serious blood loss or even an emergency. Side effects: The first adverse effect of using a needle daily is the pain. Pain varies from one individual to another and … Continue reading

Tips To Find The Best HCG Drops UK Posted: 05 / 01 / 2012

It is not that difficult to find the best HCG drops UK in the place you live. Internet is the reliable source for finding the wholesale dealer who sells HCG drops. All you have to do is to type the name of the zone or enter the zip code of the country in which you live on any of the reputed search engines. Further you have to type the words “Best HCG dealer” along with it. You will get the list of all the dealers in your area who promote this product in the form of injection and drop. One in every three persons in the UK is obese and hence obesity is causing serious health risk to many people around the world. It is not easy to reduce the body fat within 15 days or 30 days through any of the methods and diet plans. However HCG diet plan along with drops uses the practical approach for reducing weight by burning excess of fat stored in the body. Though it may sound simple, when taken inside, it involves complicated process. The entire process of weight loss and severe diet plan should be monitored by your doctor in case you are diabetic or having heart problem. Even healthy persons are requested to consult the doctor and follow his advice before you start using the best HCG drops UK for reducing weight. There exist several weight loss plans and diet programs for losing weight, but not all of them are producing good results. Again many products are not safe and effective and may cause side effects. Being the homeopathic origin, HCG drops and pills are highly safe for administration. Several millions of people have tried using it and are leading healthy life with desired weight loss after reducing excess of fat. When compared with the other products, HCG drops is reliable and cost effective and hence for this reason it is considered to be the best HCG drops UK and is result oriented. Many kinds of drops are now available and the user is given the choice to select the best option. You can browse the internet to gather information about different kinds of HCG drops and select the best one which is your favorite. In olden days, taking HCG injection was the only choice left for losing weight. But now you need not have to bear the pain of piercing … Continue reading

HCG Diet Side Effects In Men Posted: 04 / 26 / 2012

HCG has been quite widely known in the ‘weight loss’ market for quite a time. Its inventor Dr. Simeons gained fame with his formula and has devised many ways to help rip benefits from the medication much faster. But just like any other medication, that was meant to be used in general, the HCG too has a few side effects. There are a lot of common side effects for both genders, but here we will be discussing about male HCG side effects. Tiredness and mental fatigue. The HCG can be a hard diet process to follow at times. Since it uses up body fats and restricts you to certain limitation of diet, the body might take a while to adjust to the new energy supply. The best thing to do is to be self patient and wait for adjustment instead of taking in more pills. Migraine: these issues usually wear off after a few days of medication. The headaches at the beginning may be intolerable and debilitating but they are just there in the beginning of the medication. If the pain persists for more than a week, it is a good idea to consult your doctor. Always safe than sorry. Dryness in skin. During the medication the skin may tend to dry up and your legs might feel to have a cramp. This is one of the most persistent side effects that might last throughout the medication and one of the most discussed male HCG side effects. Some people tend to get worried but this is just a normal effect of the process working. Removing fat removes some of the moisture from the body and causes fluid deficiency in the skin hence making it dry. A small amount of moisturizing lotion should do the trick. There are many other male HCG side effects but they apply to only a small scale of people. There are other side effects and the list goes on. Keep in mind hormonal medicines an affect you in many different ways based on your life style and food habits, so the side effects cannot be predicted with certainty. If you still feel uncomfortable and find it hard to carry on the medication because it is doing you more harm than good, then stop medication and consult your doctor.

Using Your Lunch Meal To Boost Results Posted: 04 / 25 / 2012

MAKING USE OF LUNCH DIET RECIPES A dieter who wishes to see the best results of his or her HCG diet needs to keep a close watch on the food that he or she eats. Food intake is an important determiner of how well will one’s diet program succeed. Of course, behind being mindful of what you eat is your motivation to lose weight. To help you with figuring out which foods to include in your day, it would be best to have a list of various recipes that will be beneficial to your HCG diet. Examples of these are your lunch HCG diet recipes. There are many lunch diet recipes that you can get from the internet. All you need is a little patience and a curious mind in getting a number of these. What if they are not what they say they are? Of course, there is much information in the internet that cannot easily be relied on. Almost anyone can put a bunch of stuff on a web page that can easily fool an innocent newbie. With regard to confirming that lunch diet recipes that you have acquired, you can simply have it checked by a dietician or your HCG diet specialist. Professional assistance can help you in making sure that you are preparing the right lunch diet recipes. Why are lunch diet recipes important? If you look at an entire day, the temptation to go out of way with your diet is during the noon time and afternoon. This is usually the time where in someone runs out of something to do then just thinks of those many possibilities as to the diet program that he or she is doing. It is during this time that he or she begins to bargain with him or herself. This mostly happens when the individual was not able to get a satisfying meal during lunch time. The meal has to be satisfying for both the taste buds and the body’s demands as well for energy. This is why your lunch diet recipes are important. They make you prepare for your day and even for what you get to eat the entire week. You feel that sense of ownership to what you are preparing and eating. You also get to choose what you eat, know what you eat, and understand why this is what you eat.

Steak Day On The UK HCG Diet Protocol Posted: 04 / 24 / 2012

There are already many days to celebrate in our current calendar. You may have marked your birthday, Christmas day, New Year’s Day, or even the day when you had your first pet. But not many know about steak day. What is steak day may ask. To begin with, this is not the day when steak was first invented or cooked for the public to taste. This is also not a festival where the citizens of an entire town or city cook steak in the streets for everyone to enjoy. However, this is still a day for you to enjoy. If you are on HCG diet, you are definitely going to enjoy what is steak day. So what is steak day? Steak day is the day where you have gained weight after your last HCG dose. Even if the increase in your weight is only so little that you may think that it is nothing to be bothered about, it will still define the outcome of the entire HCG therapy. This is why you need to correct is right away within the day. You need to take your weight reading at the beginning of the day. Make sure to make this a routine every day. The weight reading you have taken in the morning will tell you if it is time for steak day or not. If the readings say that you gained weight then it is happy steak day! What do you do during steak day? You need to avoid taking in food until dinner. Once you reach dinner, you have to eat a whole steak accompanied with a whole apple and uncooked tomato. What does steak day do? Steak day will correct the increase in your weight. The correction will be seen during the following day’s weight reading. It is important to avoid cheating when on steak day to be able to see the right results during the next day. When does steak day usually happen? Steak day usually occurs or happens when a dieter is in the 3rd HCG phase or in his or her HCG therapy. Now that you know what steak day is, let’s try to avoid this day from happening. It actually means that you gained weight—you basically went the opposite way as far as your goal is concerned.

HCG Diet UK Loading Days Prior To Starting Posted: 04 / 19 / 2012

What are HCG loading days? In this modern day fitness is a much respected issue. If you are fit and healthy you will be a point of attraction and discussion. People are so busy they often find it hard to make time for physical exercises and even sports. It is no wonder that people gain weight too quickly from their desk-bound jobs and technology that allows you to do everything without having to get up from your bed. The HCG diet UK on the other hand has become quite famous in relieving people from their pain of obesity and overweight. The medication is quite interesting as you will learn. It even asks you to have as much food as possible initially! Common Misconceptions People often ask, what are loading days in HCG diet? Well as the name suggests, these are times in your medication when you are asked to eat as much food as possible and especially those rich in fats! Amazing isn’t it? Some people often take this in a negative sense saying that the medication rather makes fun of their desire to eat. Believe it or not, there are a few critics who have complained that this is just a sign of overconfidence of how well the drug works. But of course none of that is the case. HCG Facts So what are loading days again? Right, these are the initial stages of the medication (mainly 2-3 days off) when you have started taking the HCG dose. This is just a preparation for your body to get accustomed. The HCG is a vigorous drug that is very effective in trimming fats. So a sudden dose of the hormone might set your body in imbalance or the self-immune system may be triggered. To prevent any abnormal reaction, it is suggested to build up fats in the body so that the drug can slowly allow the body to get accustomed to removing the fat, keeping the body weight constant in the initial stages. Later when the drug has full control, you forget those lavish days and switch to the strict 500-calorie diet that the HCG mainly consists of. This is in fact a very good method since sudden removal of fat can lead to problems like imbalance in the body and dehydration of the skin. Remember, ignorance is a kingdom of the fools!

Dealing With Food Craving On The HCG Diet Posted: 04 / 18 / 2012

Every movie has its own climax of twists and turns. In the world of losing weight, one of the many twists and turns are the presence of cravings. If you face them alone, usually, they just get the better of you. They even leave you scarred. They leave scars in your weight loss tracker. They remind you that you missed out and gave in to the temptation. They remind you that you failed. But if you intensify your own determination and make use of cravings tips while on the diet, you will surely get the best of it. These simple cravings tips while on the diet will help you with facing too much pressure as to continuing or not with your achieving goal. Start with differentiating emptiness and hunger. The idea of the HCG weight loss is to maintain a 500-calorie per day diet. This has already been proven to provide you with what your body needs to feel satisfied and maintain the metabolic processes to maintain your health. Hunger is a normal feeling that we experience when our body needs to be replenished. But emptiness is what we feel when you begin depriving yourself of adequate nourishment. You have to know that the HCG drops diet gives you only the amount of food that you need. The idea is not eating more than enough. Make sure to satisfy yourself during the first two days of loading. This will help you enjoy the amount of foods that you will be slowly taking away from your daily quota. Start looking for activities that will take your mind off food. This will help you the most during times where you don’t have anything to do. These are times in between meals. Just make sure that these past times are not strenuous. Make use of your peppermints and candies. These will help you replenish that needed amount of sugar for your body’s processes. Make sure to hydrate yourself adequately. This is one way of tricking your stomach from feeling hungry. The idea is to avoid your body from mistaking the feeling of thirst for that of hunger. One thing I learned after reading about ways of losing your appetite is the act of brushing your teeth. You don’t want to easily lose your mouth’s freshness after brushing your teeth. We only brush our teeth after having a meal; this is our mental/psychological trick … Continue reading

Exercise And The HCG Diet UK Posted: 04 / 17 / 2012

People who are on an exercise and HCG diet have the idea that they need to lose weight and not gain. However, from this main idea flow so many other actions that need to be followed in order to ensure success with such a diet. In order to ensure that you are getting the right balance of both your exercise practices and your HCG diet, make use of the tips that we will be giving you.   Although the purpose of your HCG diet as well as your HCG regimen is for you to lose weight via using your fats as energy sources, it is still not advisable to make use of the idea of doubling the fat usage for energy by vigorous exercise. Increasing your physical activity can help, but putting it on an extreme level with the use of weight lifting or other heavy workouts will not enhance or even ensure the results of your HCG diet. There have even been testimonials about some individuals who have been on the HCG diet and doing workouts, other than the light ones, that experience a feeling of heaviness. Instead of losing weight, they feel that they are gaining weight. The idea of using strenuous exercises will just end up making things worse for your goal of losing weight since strenuous exercises will just increase your body’s demands for nourishment. Once you body’s demands increase, it is only a matter of time before your mind and your mouth would give in. It would be best to make use of light exercises or physical activities such as your yoga. This will make you feel better and limit the extreme usage of your energy. Exercise and HCG diet have to work hand in hand in order to get the desired results. Just as your yin and yang, balance has to maintained and properly observed. If you wish to know more about other light exercises that you can make use of, you can simply browse the Internet or visit a workout gym. Just make sure that you will inform your gym instructor that you are on an HCG diet. If you are on other regiments for diet and weight loss, make sure to inform your consultant about other medications that you are taking or other activities that you are involved in.

Drinking Alcohol While On The HCG Diet Posted: 04 / 16 / 2012

Aside from individuals who desire to lose weight in order for them to be healthy and also feel healthy, there are also individuals who are on to alcoholism. Being obese and an alcoholic could be a tough scenario to face. But this does not have to be that tough anymore. With HCG diet and alcohol drinkers, a lot of positive feedback has been given with regard to the results that they experience. Well, to put it simpler, your HCG diet UK does not only have an effect of helping you lose excess fats. There have been proven results for the following: People who engage on the HCG diet get to lose their craving for alcohol. Alcoholics who are on the HCG diet experience the loss of their need to have an intake of alcohol in order to get on with the day. They feel better even without a drop of alcohol in their daily routine. This may be surprising, but this actually comes as an added bonus to those who are on an HCG diet. You can say that HCG diet and alcohol do not blend since your alcohol cravings will no longer exist while on the diet and even after the entire course of your HCG dietary regimen. This is due to the effects of HCG which targets the individual’s emotional center in the brain, your hypothalamus. Once you get to feel better about yourself, you will eventually feel that you no longer need alcohol in your day. You don’t only get to have the best results with regard to losing weight, but you also get to feel much better about yourself being able to achieve to goals with one stone. Once you get to the end, there is no turning back. Anyone who has gone through the HCG diet will never need to turn back since their lives become much better without the fear of the effects of having that excess weight of being obese on their physical, physiological, and emotional being. If you have any more queries or confusions regarding HCG drops and alcohol, feel free to make further researches with the use of the internet. There are other revelations from those who have been through the tiring life of an obese alcoholic.

Foods To Avoid During The HCG Diet UK Protocol Posted: 04 / 12 / 2012

Just as any dietary regimen or therapy that is intended on slashing a couple of pounds off your waist line, there will always be restrictions in order to make sure that you will be able to obtain the stated outcomes. For some, there may be activities that need to be avoided, foods that need to be avoided or limited, and medications that should not be taken during the entire course or even after the therapy or dietary regimen. As for the HCG diet UK, here are some of the foods to avoid. You can check your own dietary list in order to make sure that you are eating the right foods that will ensure your weight losing goals. For the foods to avoid, you need to check the phase that you are already in with regard to your HCG diet. When you are on the 3rdphase, you will need to avoid the following foods Acorn squash Mangoes Plantains Banana Corn Potatoes Dried fruits Root vegetables Butternut squash If you check the list above, you will notice that most of them are the kind of foods that you get to see most often on your table. These are the kind of foods that we take for granted with regard to their fat content, acid content, and sugar content. There may be other foods to avoid while on your HCG diet protocol. It would be best if you obtain an approved list from your physician as to what foods will ensure your HCG diet results and foods that you will need to keep an eye on and avoid in order for you to successfully lose weight without any regrets. You will also need to take note of the possibility of cheating while you are on your HCG diet. Cheating is one of the biggest reasons that an individual would still take on foods to avoid while he or she is in the HCG diet. As long as you diligently and religiously follow the instructions and procedures of your HCG diet, you will surely be able to achieve and experience the results that you have long desired of having as far as your weight and self-esteem are concern.

What Cosmetics Are Allowed On The HCG Diet UK Posted: 04 / 11 / 2012

For many years already, individuals who have been on a specific dietary regimen for losing weight neglect the fact that the cosmetics they use can affect or have any possibility of affecting the outcome of their diet. Unfortunately, this is not true, especially for the use of the HCG diet UK. Simply analysis will tell you that cosmetics have their own chemical composition thus can lead to certain chemical reactions when absorbed by the body. When these cosmetics are used on our skin (cheeks, eyelids, hair, scalp, and lips) they are absorbed and join the blood stream. This is where the effect of cosmetics on HCG diet UK happens. Here are some cases that you might have missed out with the use of cosmetics on HCG diet: Your daily cosmetics have to be avoided especially your facial creams in order to make sure that they do not interfere with the effects of your HCG in your bloodstream. The handling of your cosmetics has to be observed as well. You may not be the one using them but you could be the one applying them. Even with contact of your finger tips to various cosmetics and creams that you apply on the cheeks and lips of your friend can already spell a huge difference as far as HCG diet outcomes are concern. Another is the use of your prosthetics. There are some who make use of special creams or ointments before applying their prosthetics. Make sure to inform your HCG diet consultant regarding this in order for him or her to check the composition of such substances. The use of cosmetics that say that they are as natural as your own blood and skin may also interfere with the effects of your HCG diet. The modern day has made use of certain hormones as part of the ingredients for enhancing the effects of the cosmetics. Thus, the use of these cosmetics on HCG diet will surely create a chemical or hormonal reaction. It was never wrong to make use of cosmetics to enhance your beauty or even conceal our beauty flaws, but if it would involve taking away our chances of seeing and obtaining our HCG drops UK results, then we need to sacrifice for our main goal.

HCG Diet Protocol Dosage For Max Results Posted: 04 / 10 / 2012

Ideas for HCG Dosage for Weight Loss? A proper HCG dosage for weight loss is required to ensure that the body is capable of managing weight loss as well as possible. The standards can vary but it will help to think about what is good enough for one’s body. 125 IU is a Standard? One of the keys to find in an HCG dosage is to see that 125 IU of HCG is used each day. This may be divided in many dosage amounts in the course of a day but 125 IU is often the standard that is used in injections, sublingual liquids and other materials. This is a smart solution that might be good enough. What If HCG Diet Doesn’t Work? There are some cases where the standard 125 IU dosage that is often used for HCG needs is not good enough. There are many ways how an HCG dosage of about 175 to 200 IU per day may be good for those whose bodies are having tough times with weight loss. This is often managed to make it a little easier for the body to use HCG to its advantage. Is 250 IU Necessary? There are some people who say that 250 IU of HCG a day is a better thing to manage. They say this with many points in mind: Foods are so highly altered with chemicals these days that an additional amount of HCG may be needed to control the body during a low calorie diet People often have lower amounts of HCG in their bodies due to all of those chemicals in their foods People are not likely to be harmed as a result of any issues from using more HCG than needed Of course, it will help to understand that sometimes a large amount of HCG may not do anything more. It is true that a person who uses more HCG than needed should not be likely to suffer from any serious side effects. However, it will not necessarily impact anything in the body. It might even cost more due to the value of HCG drops UK and injections. The amounts of HCG that a person may manage over time should be reviewed carefully. This should be managed carefully to keep the body under control to where it will be as comfortable as it can be when trying to lose weight.

Pros And Cons Of HCG Diet Drops Posted: 04 / 09 / 2012

Staying healthy may be one of the biggest challenges in today’s world. With so much pollution and poisonous chemicals around us, it is hard to remain unaffected. Also, the increase in fast food and foods containing trans-fat, obesity is the likely result. To fight all of this and stay in shape the homeopathic HCG drops can get you started. The HCG diet UK has long been in the market and has earned a good reputation for itself. So how does it all happen? Well, the homeopathic HCG drops works by reducing fats and imbalanced calories in the body. Together with a balanced diet the homeopathic HCG drops can yield good results in very short time. These drops contain the raw HCG hormone in dilute solution together with other ingredient which work together to create a good balance with the chemicals in your body and work naturally reducing chances of side effects. Dosage The homeopathic HCG drops have to be taken in 2-3 times a day based on the dosage written in the bottle. At a time, it is advised to take 12-15 drops. Note also, the drops can be acquired from a pharmacy or homeopathic clinic without a prescription. So the dosage is at your own risk. For best results it is always a good idea to maintain a balanced diet with it. What about the injections? Now, many people are confused whether to take the pharmaceutical injections or the homeopathic HCG drops. The difference is quite simple. The injections are prescribed by the doctors and are contain the raw chemicals. Also their dosage and storage is very important. The injections have to be used only in specific parts of the body and of course sterilization is important. They will also cost you more. The homeopathic HCG drops are easier to use since they are sublingual. The drops are poured underneath your tongue and left there to be absorbed by the capillary endings. They are cheaper and easier to store (with no temperature limitations like the 2-5 degree Celsius boundary for the injections). Due to the easy acceptance of the drops they are more available than the injections. Homeopathic or not is totally dependent on the user’s decision. Some people feel comfortable with natural healing others stick to scientific facts.      

How HCG Diet Injection Work Posted: 04 / 06 / 2012

Where to Inject HCG in Your Body You must make sure that you are fully aware of where to inject HCG in your body if you are going to get your HCG shots to work as well as they can. There are several areas that you can inject yourself in. The buttocks. The original standards for the HCG diet UK called for injections to occur at the upper part around one’s rear. This is a standard that has often been used for a number of different injections because it can involve a great amount of access to all parts of the body and also because it will result in the lowest amount of irritation, numbness and pain. This can work well but you might need to get another person to help you out with it if you can’t reach the area on your own. You should make sure that the injection doesn’t do into the central part of the buttocks. This can damage the sciatic nerve if it goes in the wrong spot. The stomach. This area can be treated because it is easier to get a shot into that spot. There are not too many nerve endings here. In fact, it is often used as a means of getting access into more of the fats around your body. The thighs. HCG can also get through the thighs because of a lack of nerve endings. Some people prefer to do this because they feel more comfortable with it. The arms. This may work best around the deltoid muscles near the back parts before of the lack of nerves in these areas. A Few Precautions These are effective spots to use for injecting HCG into your body. However, a few things must be done before getting these injections ready: Keep the area that you are injecting HCG into relaxed and comfortable. Make sure the site is fully cleaned with alcohol. Add pressure to the area after an injection. This is to keep the area from bleeding. Some irritation may occur in an injection site for a period of time after the injection occurs. This may not occur in all cases but you should prepare for it just to be sure. You should think about all of these spots when managing HCG injections. This is so your body can receive the HCG that it needs.

Losing Weight Simply By Take Oral HCG Drops Posted: 04 / 05 / 2012

With the progress of the centuries new medication and drugs are continuously being released in the market. Some are good others not very well. But all in all, the progress is consistent nonetheless. One such drug that has caught the attention of many is the HCG. It stands for human chorionic gonadotrophin. This is a hormone found in pregnant women and through biological manipulation is now used as a catalyst for weight loss. One of the most common forms is the HCG drops for weight loss UK. The main factors that are involved with the HCG drops weight loss are: The HCG converts body fats in energy. The previous body fats that were present in your body untouched will not be broken down to release energy. It also works very well with unbalanced calories. The HCG produces hormones that are also good at reducing your desire for food. This means you will not feel hungry as often as you used to resulting in you taking less food. The HCG drops weight loss works without you having to suffer any hunger pain, chronic dizziness and/or stress. The hormone mixes with your body naturally and starts work. The medication lasts for a very short time, around 21 days or so and results are usually visible within weeks. On an average you will be losing around 1 pound per day if you carry out the medication correctly. There are two substitutes to choose from. The HCG injections or the drops. The HCG drops weight loss is more popular due to their easy application and storage facility. The drops also tend to be cheaper than the injections.   The medication is very famous for which people easily tend to get cheated on with the wrong medicine or the cheap counterparts. The best way to look for the correct medicine is to ask your doctor or a trusted friend who has previously used the source. You might also want to take a look around for the homeopathic version of the HCG which tends to be cheaper and more reliable. The homeopathic HCG can be obtained without a prescription unlike the pharmaceutical one. The dosage for the homeopathic version is around 12-15 drops 2 times a day. Quite a hassle if you ask me.

Losing Weight Without Breaking A Sweat Posted: 04 / 05 / 2012

Losing weight has been the headache of many overweight people. They have tried everything from sauna belt to liposuction but the ‘this is my last steak’ streak seems to go on. What if you had a means of getting rid of your hunger and use the sturdy dormant fat without having to go to the gym very often? You would like that wouldn’t you. Well then look no further, the HCG hormone weight loss is here. What does it do? As the name suggests, the HCG is a hormonal drug that helps you reduce your weight by a significant amount. It works very fast and the medication does not last very long either. This means, it is quick, effective and most importantly painless. All it does is use up the dormant fats that have laid around your stomach for ages. It converts the fat into stored form of energy for the body. It also reacts with your cells to produce hormones so that you do not feel hungry or you feel hungry very seldom. This method is effective because you tend to eat less and thus giving the HCG hormone weight loss a chance to use up the excess fat. The HCG also takes care of the excess left out calories in your body to make sure they are used up. Things you need to do to get started Visit a doctor and ask him for advice based on the HCG hormone weight loss. He will advice you the perfect dosage and where to find a reliable source. Make sure you follow some of the HCG diet. Even though you will feel less hungrier, but you will still feel hungry. Just make sure you are not eating trans-fat like before. The HCG diet mainly consists of unprocessed organic food items like fruits and vegetables. Maintain you regular dosage and stay on track. Do not overdose yourself because excess of it can prove to be toxic. The HCG hormone weight loss process has another alternative rather than injecting yourself. You can buy the HCG drops UK or the homeopathic drops. Your doctor can advice you on the drops but the homeopathic part is at your own risk. The homeopathic drops can be obtained without a prescription and comparatively costs less.

The Pros And Cons Of HCG Diet Injections Posted: 04 / 05 / 2012

Recent figures for obesity have risen quite a lot. Unhealthy diet, unbalanced living style and lack of exercise are some of the main reasons for people gaining excess weight. Once you are on your weight gaining train it’s quite hard to stop. Bulky people often find it hard to start exercising and maintain a balanced diet. The HCG injections are one of the ways to get your started. The HCG medication has proven useful to many overweight people and ahs changed their lives completely. So what are these injections and are they safe? The HCG injections are drugs administered to people with obesity problems and are looking forward to losing weight. These are only prescribed by doctors and are usually not made available to people with a legit prescription. The drugs are widely available and have a ranged pricing. They can be found online as well. These work by cutting off fats from your body. Fats usually get stored in your body and barely get used up. The HCG makes sure that your fats are continuously used up and all the unbalanced calories burn out to release energy. The formula also works reducing your urge to eat. Reducing hunger level and making use of your fat, the perfect combination isn’t it? Dosage and storage The HCG injections are rather delicate drugs. They need to be stored in cold temperature of around 2-5 degrees Celsius. The dosage is equally important. At all cost you must abide by the dosage advised by your doctor. The medication is very short compared to most weight loss medication so have patience. Using more of the drug does not mean you will get thinner soon, it means the toxic level is building up inside you. The HCG is no ‘fat-killer’ or ‘cell maker’, it simply produces hormones in the body that make use of your fat. Too much of it and it can produce abnormal amount of hormones and cell multiplication as found with cancer. The average dosage is between 125 to 175 UI. Try and stay within this limit. Alternatives The injections have to be used with great caution. It has to be sterilized and injected in the right spot or would otherwise lead to severe pain and malfunction. You can always use the drops or homeopathic drops, but consult your doctor first.

Fantastic HCG Diet Protocol Recipes Posted: 04 / 05 / 2012

Almost everyone with diet and weight problems has heard of the HCG weight loss program. The HCG drops UK has long been the friend to many people with obesity problems and health issues. It might not be a regular drug to take every now and then but taken under the right conditions can actually rip you immense benefits. Just taking the drug may not be enough; you will also have to take care of your diet. Some of the easiest way to follow is to maintain a few HCG diet recipes. Why Do You Need HCG Diet Recipes? So what are HCG diet recipes? These are you daily food menu or rather a schedule that if maintained with the HCG medication can get your quicker results. The HCG works by making use of the calorie and fat in your body quickly burning it up thus increasing body metabolism. It is not ‘fat-cell killer’ or your ‘fat-remover’. If you do not maintain a healthy diet, the fat and excess calorie will soon build up again after the medication. Which Is Better Yummy and Healthy? The HCG diet recipes are nothing uninteresting. Their preparation is quite amazing and the process is amusing nonetheless. Some of them might even give you a chef like feeling. Understand this; the HCG is also good at not making you feel hungry. So although the recipes may seem very blunt at the moment, but during your medication they might actually be a good leisure hour chore. Many people spend a lot of time preparing unique healthy diet recipes for them. Some of the best HCG diet recipes include the cucumber, mint mixture, the cauliflower and German cheese and also the Lasagna. Of all these the Lasagna may be a challenge to prepare but a treat to your taste buds nonetheless. It is advised that during your medication you consume as less fat as possible and take in unprocessed organic food item like fruits and vegetables. During And Post HCG Diet Recipes Some of the HCG diet recipes can be maintained even without the medication. They are brilliant in their nutrition composition and works great for people in need of a balanced diet. Keep in mind, the HCG is very effective at what it does and so the medication only last for around 21 days.

Cycling on the HCG Diet Protocol Posted: 04 / 04 / 2012

As you do more and more research about the HCG diet UK, you may have discovered people doing cycles on the diet. Whether it’s from a friend or something you’ve read online, it’s the same. You’re wondering what exactly a cycle is in regards to the HCG diet. What does it mean to do a cycle during the diet? Cycling on the HCG diet occurs when the user alternates between Phases 2 and 3 and bagging Phase 4 altogether. Essentially, you substitute doing Phase 4 by doing Phases 2 and 3 instead. Dieters must complete Phase 3 and begin into Phase 4 when they complete their cycling. As per the original diet protocol outlined by Dr. Simeons, individuals on the diet must administer the HCG daily in conjunction with the ultra-low-calorie diet during Phase 2. Regardless of the length of time you want to be on the diet, 23 or 40 days, the protocol remains the same after that period of time. Individuals who are on the diet cease to administer the HCG at this point, but they maintain eating the same ultra-low-calorie diet for 3 more days before they continue into the third phase. You’ll want to be on Phase 3 for 3 weeks as per the original protocol. In this time frame, dieters may consume foods that are non-compliant with the protocol with the exception of any sugars or starches. If you’re wondering how long to continue Phases 2 and 3 when you’re cycling, then look no further. Usually, individuals who are cycling the diet do a set number of days and then offset those days with equal days not cycling. As an example, some people choose to do a couple weeks of Phase 2 and a couple weeks of Phase 3 quite successfully.  You must understand that no definitive rules exist for the purpose of cycling. Each body is different, so you may have to experiment personally to find out the best way for you. Dieters have reported doing a couple weeks of Phase 2, a single week of Phase 3, then going straight back into Phase 2 again. Cycling on the HCG diet enables dieters to stay away from feeling overwhelmed with the ultra-low-calorie diet and consume more types of foods that they desire for a little while. Dieters usually prefer cycles that are shorter because they feel that 23 or 40 days is a long … Continue reading